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Get a brand new career in the trucking industry. The best training to drive a semi truck & trailer by experienced trucking professionals.


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To get started, call us at +1 204 509-6558 or email for more information.


Our certified instructors have over 10 years of experience training with a very high success rate.


The cost of all our courses covers all classroom supplies including textbooks.


BlueBird Training Center is pleased to welcome you to our school.

We are committed to providing students with the necessary skills and confidence, through step-by-step instruction and on-the-road experience. Our instructors are specifically trained to identify student`s strengths and weaknesses and personalize instruction according to the student`s individual needs.
We believe in getting our students ready for the road and combating nerves is one of the most important aspect of getting them ready for the road. We understand that there will be some students who will be very nervous about the prospect of driving. We have instructors who will pay attention to every small problem of every learner including the nervous ones. Our instructors will ensure that such nervous learners get the appropriate time and attention to cure their nerves and get them ready for real-life driving.

Outstanding Training

We don’t just try to teach our students to pass; we help them excel at what they’re trying to accomplish.

Flexible schedule

We always try our best with scheduling as we realize that students have other commitments that might be more of a priority.

18 - 60+ Years

Our students' ages range from 18 to clients in their 60s. There is never a bad time to start.

Satisfied customers

We value our customers and treat them with utmost respect. Our main goal is to help our clients succeed in what they come to accomplish.

Quality Instructors

What separates us from our competitors is our emphasis on quality training and instruction. We are never satisfied until the training is up to our high standard.

Always learning

We're always learning. Always staying ahead of industry changes so we can better prepare ourselves and our students. Proactive never reactive.

Latest Technology

Everything at our facility is state of the art and constantly tested to ensure our students can transition into their careers with nothing to hold them back.

Care for environment

BlueBird cares for the environment, and we try our best to reduce carbon green house emissions and work within a green friendly classroom environment.

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We offer the mandatory training course required for drivers who want to obtain their Class 1 driver’s licence. The cost covers all classroom supplies including textbooks.


  • 121.5 HOURS
  • 40.5 hours in class
  • 40 hours in yard
  • 41 hours in cab
  • All classroom supplies

Entry Level Professional Driver Training Program

  • 244 HOURS
  • 80 hours in class
  • 160 Hours Practical, observation and in cab training
  • 4 Hours Practical testing with Manitoba Public Insurance
  • All classroom supplies